Windows Movie Maker Can’t Import/Recognize/Accept MP4? Resolved

Windows Movie Maker can import most file types, but not all file types will work when you try to use them to make a movie. Although MP4 is on the list of Windows Movie Maker supported video files, there are many types of .mp4 files in fact and some can be problematic. If you are mired in the mess, read on to find out the solutions to import MP4 files to Windows Movie Maker in a smooth way.

Best MP4 to Movie Maker Converter

Best MP4 to Movie Maker Converter

Free download the best MP4 to Movie Maker converter - Dimo Video Converter Ultimate to easily and fast convert MP4 files to Windows Movie Maker supported formats like WMV, AVI, MPEG and many more to import MP4 to WMM easily, with high quality reserved.

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Part 1: How to Convert and Import MP4 to Windows Movie Maker

Part 2: How to Edit MP4 Movie/Video Without Converting

Part 3: Windows Movie Maker Supported Formats

Part 1: How to Convert and Import MP4 to Windows Movie Maker

You would like to use Windows Movie Maker to edit MP4 media, including YouTube MP4 videos, GoPro MP4 videos, Sony XDCAM EX MP4 camcorder videos, etc. in order to get better videos or more wonderful video files. Well, Windows Movie Maker might not work with some MP4 files sometimes due to the codec issue or other reasons. To import MP4 files into Movie Maker, you need to convert MP4 to WMM friendly format first.

On Windows Movie Maker official website, it recommends WMV, AVI and MPEG files for editing. So if want to get Windows Movie Maker work perfectly with MP4 videos, the easy workaround is to convert MP4 to WMV/AVI/MPEG and import to Movie Maker with only a few mouse clicks, while retaining excellent video and audio quality for editing in WMV.

Dimo Video Converter Ultimate can be of great help in this task. With it, you can effortlessly transcode 720p/1080p/2160 MP4 files to Movie Maker accpted files, and it works well and converts flawlessly. Meanwhile, the Mac Video Conversion tool can create files compatible with various non-linear editing systems like Sony Vegas, Avid Media Composer, Pinnacle Studio, and Adobe Premiere (Pro), etc. Plus, with the built-in video editing feature of the program, you can trim, crop, add watermark, adjust effects to your video files. Now just, download the program and achieve your goal smoothly.

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How to Convert MP4 files to Windows Movie Maker for editing?

Convert MP4 files to Windows Movie Maker

Step 1: Install and launch MP4 to Movie Maker Converter. Then click "Add File" button to browse and choose the video files you want to convert. You also can drag the files to this program directly. Batch conversion is supported, so you can load more than one file to save time. Besides MP4, this program can also help to convert between any popular video and audio formats like MXF, Tivo, AC3, MP3, FLAC, etc. as you need.

Step 2: Click "Select Format" menu firstly and then follow "Format > Video" or "Format > HD Video" to set WMV or WMV HD format. If you want to make changes to the video settings like resolution, bit rate and other settings, click the Settings button beside Format bar.?

Tip: Click "Settings" button if you'd like to customize advanced audio and video parameters like Video Codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, Audio codec, sample rate, audio channels.

Step 3: When everything is ready, click the "Start" button to start transcoding MP4 videos to WMV for Windows Movie Maker.

After conversion, you can click the Open button to open the output folder and find the converted files. Open Windows Movie Maker and click Import or Import Video on the left to import your video to the movie collection and drag and drop to the timeline for editing.

Part 2: How to Edit MP4 Movie/Video Without Converting

If you don't want to trouble so much to Windows Movie Maker MP4 incompatibility issue and search for a feasible way to edit MP4 movie video without converting, Dimo Video Converter Ultimate also comes to help as a top-notch MP4 editor.

Edit MP4 Movie/Video Without Converting

Step 1: Add the target MP4 files. First, you need to launch the program and then click "Add File" button to import your MP4 videos. The added videos will be shown as thumbnails.

Step 2: Specify output. This program has many export options that you can use to save the edited files. As an example, the files can be saved to the target directory on a local computer in nearly any format including H.264 MP4 or exported to portable devices such as PSP, iPad, iPhone, and for added enjoyment. Click "..." to set the destination folder. Then you can still keep MP4 as the output format or choose other preferred formats from the "Select Format" window.

Step 3: Edit MP4. Click "Edit" icon to open the video editing window. Here you can trim a part of MP4 movie/video by freely setting a Start Time and End Time, crop video to remove black bar or unwanted areas, add special effects or text watermark to the video, etc.

Step 4: Run editing. Just click "Start" button to start editing MP4 movie/video with this best Windows Movie Maker alterantive and exporting your video.

This best MP4 Converter, Editor and Movie Maker for Windows (10) also supports downloading online YouTube videos for editing in Windows Movie Maker, making gif files, creating ISO or 3D VR videos or converting your self-created videos to watch on iPhone (7/7 Plus), iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 4/iPad Pro, Android, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, Chromecast, HTC, Surface, Fujitsu, Aquos, smart TV, Galaxy phones or tablets, and so on.

Part 3: Windows Movie Maker Supported Formats

According to Microsoft official site, Windows Movie Maker supports file types below.

Note about MP4 workflow with Windows Movie Maker

1. MPEG 4 video files with AAC audio can be used if you're using Movie Maker on a Windows 7 computer.

2. Some MPEG 4 video files can be used when you're using Movie Maker on a computer running Windows Vista if the necessary audio and video codecs are installed.

3. Container formats such as MP4, 3GP, FLV, MOV and AAC are also supported if the necessary codecs are installed and the computer system is running Windows 7 or later.

4. Latest version Windows Movie Maker 2012 introduced the default ability to export in H.264/MP4 format, replacing WMV (but still can be used).

5. Windows Movie Maker was officially discontinued and removed for download on January 10, 2017. (Now you may recur to other top Windows (10) movie maker programs to make MP4 movie or edit MP4 video file.)

From above, you may deduce the reasons Why Movie Maker can't import/recognize your downloaded or recorded MP4? What's more, Your MP4 video should contain AAC audio and your computer should have installed the necessary video and audio codecs, if not, WMM may not accept the MP4 file and you can't edit MP4 in Windows Movie Maker.

Convert MP4 to Movie Maker Accepted Formats

Convert MP4 to Movie Maker Accepted Formats for Editing

  • Convert and Edit video: Dimo Video Converter Ultimate can painlessly finish the MP4 video converting & editing task, like convert MP4 to WMM supported WMV at super fast speed, MP4 video trimming, cropping, splitting, MP4 video parameter adjusting, etc.
  • Make video: create vivid (4K/H.265/3D/VR) movie videos, GIF, JPG and output in MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc.
  • Download video: Download 8K/4K/1080p/720p movies, videos from YouTube and 300+ sites in MP4/3GP.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7. Clean and safe. Hardware acceleration, fast mode supported.

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