DVDmate for Mac User Guide


DVDmate for Mac is designed for you to rip and convert DVD to video in various formats, and extract audio content from source DVD content and save as audio files on Mac. Far more than a DVD to video/audio converter, it can be treated as a DVD player, a DVD editor and a 3D movie creator/GIF maker.

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Brief Introduction

With DVDmate for Mac, ripping and copying DVD on Mac couldn't be easier. Instant media previewing is available with the help of the internal DVD player. The built-in DVD editor allows you to trim video length, add video watermark, crop video size, and adjust video effect. 3D movie creation from source 2D DVD content is also feasible.

Part 1: Trial Version vs. Full Version

DVDmate for Mac is available both in paid and trial version.

Trial Version vs. Full Version

Trial Version Limitations:

The trial version is provided free of cost while an upgrade to the full version requires payment of some fee. You can try out our software before making any investment.

Ripping limit: For the trial version users, you can only convert 1/3rd of the DVD with the trial version.
Playing limit: There is a image watermark from Dimo that is added to your source DVD for previewing with the trial version.
No technical support provided: For trial version users, no technical support is provided.

Full Version Benefits:

With full version of DVDmate, you will enjoy the complete benefits include:

No ripping limit: You can rip any DVD with no length limitation.
No playing limit:
You can preview any DVD with no watermark limitation.
Complete technical support: You will get the complete technical support and upgrade from Dimo for lifetime.

Part 2: User-interface

DVDmate for Mac: Get Started



Convert DVD Disc

Step 1: Import Source DVD Files into Program

On the "Converter" interface, click "Add DVD" to import DVD disc, folder, or ISO image file with virtual drive tool. Once source files are imported, you can preview source files via the inbuilt media player, select subtitles and audio tracks, edit source files, etc.


Step 2: Choose output profile

Click the right drop-down box to pop up a small panel. You can choose either video/audio format or mobile device as output profile under "Format" or "Device" group. Various video/audio formats and device models are available for selection, like 4K MP4, 4K MKV, HD MP4, HD AVI, MOV, iPhone X/8/8 Plus, iPad Pro, Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy Note 8, etc. You can also make good use of the quick searching box on the left to fast locate your desired profile.

choose format

Step 3: Set video and audio parameters (optional)

DVDmate allows you to change the video and audio parameters of selected profile like Video Codec, Bit Rate, Resolution, Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio, Audio Codec, Channel, Sample Rate, etc. You could enter the Profile Settings panel by clicking "Settings" option.

video settings

Step 4: Set output directory

After profile settings, you will be returned to the "Converter" interface, on which you need to click "..." button to set output directory for saving the output files. Once is clicked, a small side bar will pop up, and you need to set a directory under "Save to" box for containing the output files.

Step 5: Start conversion process

Click the "Start" button to start conversion process. During the conversion process, you could click "Cancel" button to call off the process.

Make DVD Title Copy

Step 1. Double click the program icon to start DVDmate for Mac. Please click "Converter" tab, To import DVD disc, folder or ISO to program, please click "Add DVD", choose the disc name and confirm, or use virtual drive tool to add DVD ISO files.


Step 2. Select "COPY TITLE" from "Format > Video" in the right box.

Make DVD Title Copy

Step 3. Appoint the output storing route by clicking the "..." at the bottom box. Or you could skip this step to leave it default.

Step 4. After the settings are completed, simply click the "Start" button and the program will complete soon. You'll see the status changed below the item bar. When done, open the converted files by clicking "Open" or "Open Output Folder" at the downright box.

When done, open the converted files by clicking "Open" or "Open Output Folder" at the downright box.

1:1 DVD to Folder Backup

By choosing "Add DVD > Copy DVD Disc to Folder" , selecting your DVD disc name, confirm and then click "Start", you are ale to 1:1 backup DVD to Video_ts folder with original audio tracks, subtitles, etc being kept.

1:1 DVD to Folder Backup

With the built-in DVD editor, DVDmate allows you to edit source media files by trimming, cropping, watermarking, adjusting video effects and applying 3D effect. Add source DVD media files, choose title and select "Edit" option, or click the "Edit" icon at the end, to enter the video editing panel.


Download online movies

Step 1. If you want to download video from internet, you can copy the link and paste the URL to the address bar of the downloader.


Step 2. Set a destination folder to store the downloaded video. And click "+" button to start downloading any favorite video to the hard drive. After several minutes, the downloading process will be finished, click "Open" button, you can watch the video on your desktop.


Trim Video

Under "Trim" section, you can directly drag the slide bar to trim video length, or manually input values in "Start Time" and "End Time" box. The clip length can be viewed instantly. Reset it or click "OK" to confirm it.

Trim video

Crop Video

Under "Adjust" button, directly drag the dot frame to crop video, or select Keep Aspect/Full Screen/16:9/4:3" to get your desired video size. Press "OK" to confirm it. You could also rotate videos for a special angle of view by clicking the 4 rotating buttons in a row. Or adjust Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, etc. by checking the box to activate and directly drag the progress bar to get the effect you need. And you are able to preview the original and modified video in the preview area in real time. Tick "Apply to all" to apply the settings to all DVD titles.


Apply Effects

Go to "Effect" section to choose from 32 effect for special video format.

Add effect

Add Text Watermark

Switch to "Watermark" section, you are allowed to write character as text watermark. Left Margin, Top Margin, Image Size are adjustable.

Add text watermark

Add 3D Effect

With the built-in 2D to 3D converter, DVDmate for Mac allows you to convert DVD movies to 3D movies in different 3D movie effects. Add source DVD media files, choose title and click the "Edit" icon at the end to enter the video editing panel. On the video editing panel, open the "3D" tab and then choose a 3D effect like "Red-Blue", "Top Bottom", or "Left-Right" to apply to the final video file. Note that you should select one according to the 3D glasses you are using to enjoy 3D videos.

Add 3D Effect


Mirror locate files

If you want to share video/audio folder or ripped DVD movie files from Mac to portable devices, then please go for DVDmate for Mac and turn to the "Media Server". Here is a small step by step guide that will guide you through the process of mirroring:

media server

a. Keep your iPhone/iPad/Android device/TV and Mac in the same network

b. Click "Browse..." to locate the source folder

c. Press "Share" and use your device to scan the upcoming QR code or write http://IP:PORT like "" (without quotation marks) into the address bar of the browser.

d. Now you can view the source files wirelessly on your devices if they are supported by browser.